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Avail Personalized Ayurvedic Advice & Care

tele consult

Tele Consultation

Saatvik Ayurvedam wants you to avail personalized Ayurvedic Advice and Care from our experienced Ayurvedic Doctors over a phone call. All these can be accessed at your convenience from the comfort of your place and time. No matter if you are at the home, office, or anywhere else, our doctors are just a call away. Every doctor at Saatvik Ayurvedam understands the root cause of your health problems and gets a personalized treatment delivered to your doorsteps. Our holistic treatment is a combination of all phases from personalized treatment and customized herbal medicines to diet & lifestyle planners and counseling for better healing.

Video Consultation

Saatvik Ayurvedam offers video consultation as this is a safe and effective way to assess and guide the patient's diagnosis and treatment which also minimizes the risk of disease transmission, considering covid times. You can book your advance appointment by calling our health coaches and they assist you with the further process by scheduling your appointment with the doctor at the ease of your time and date. Once the doctor connects with you over video call via WhatsApp, zoom, or any other social media network, they will help you with the treatment and regular follow-up with respect to your treatment is arranged.

Video Consultation
Clinic Consultation

Clinic Consultation

Saatvik Ayurvedam wants to help you live healthier and longer lives by helping you to find the right doctor for your cause. You can always choose to get personalized solutions for any health issue with instant clinic consultation. Visit any of our branches and speak with our specialist in person. You can also speak with our health coaches and get your appointment done beforehand at your desired time and date. We want you to assist you with prompt medical attention where our doctors can prescribe medication or advise treatment upon diagnosing you physically.

Our Services

Our team of healthcare professionals is pledged to provide the best possible care. We work hard to ensure that every individual is completely satisfied with the way they are served. We are, therefore, dedicated to every field of service in your interest.

  • Video Consultation

    Call for video consultation that is designed to answer your issues conveniently by our Ayurvedic doctors.

  • Panchkarma

    Seek techniques to pluck out the imbalances that have been buried in the body by our Panchkarma Specialists.

  • Authentic Products

    Explore our authentic and holistic products for natural remedies and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

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Why Saatvik Ayurvedam

Disease Free world for all

We anticipate a disease-free world through our mission to make healthy living easy for everyone—regardless of their income level or location.

Wide Range of services

We offer a range of services including, but not limited to, personalized consultations with an ayurvedic doctor via video conference, educational seminars on lifestyle changes for better health, as well as the opportunity to learn about ancient traditions such as yoga and meditation.

Developing Areas of well-being

We are in the process to develop products and programs that allow individuals and families worldwide the opportunity to live healthier lives—allowing them the ability not only to achieve physical wellness but also emotional balance as well as spiritual connection.

Dimensions of healthy living

We are longing for a place where people can find everything they need to live a healthy life by offering an extensive range of products, including herbal medicines and supplements, massages, yoga classes, and cooking demonstrations that promote health and balance in both mind and body.