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Neem Giloy with Tulsi Juice

Neem has a strong place in the world of medicine and wellness. Every part of the neem plant can be used against various infectious diseases. Giloy It Also known as Guduchi, Giloy is an Ayurvedic creeper plant/herb that has anti-inflammatory properties. Tulsi is a prominent Ayurvedic herb that can be used to alleviate infections and allergies. It is also used to treat eye diseases.


  • Neem-Grown Giloy Stem Contains the medicinal properties of Neem as well.
  • Tulsi contains compounds that improve the immune response
  • Neem Giloy and Tulsi have hypoglycaemic properties that help keep sugar levels in check.
  • Improving metabolism,
  • Improving Digestive System
  • The anti- allergic congestions

How to consume

Dilute 30ml of Tulsi Giloy Juice with 30 ml of water

Consume twice daily before meals